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What Others are Saying

Customer Testimonials:

Searched the web for sources to order switchplates etc..  Browsed many sites but kept returning to yours.
Found your site extremely customer friendly.  Easy to use and very helpful in assisting consumer to understand language re. configurations.  Showing order summary and shipping estimate on same page was also appreciated.   
Shopping at Decorative Hardware Store via the net was a wonderful experience and set the bar high for my expectation of other websites!   My compliments for putting your money where the marketing mouth is on customer service.
Ellen M

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the switch
plates I ordered.  This was my first on-line order--EVER!!!
I am soooooo pleased.  The switch plates are gorgeous!!!
Thanx again.  (Sorry, gotta go shop your site s'more)
Sherry Hyman

The mailman delivered the package of switchplates from you this afternoon.

That was really fast service since they were ordered on Monday, so thank you

for that quick response. I really appreciated the phone call about my order


The switchplates are really beautiful, just exactly what I wanted. They are

the finishing touch on the room I've redecorated in Mission style, and the

quality is as good as it would have been if made by the craftsmen of a

century ago. The contractor happened to be here when I opened the package,

and he admired them too, so I wrote down the information on your company for

him. There are other people for whom I'll be happy to do the same, since I

know they'll be interested in your products.

Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure working with your company.

Mary M.

Long Island, NY

I got your shipment today, and I was surprised at how promptly it arrived. This isn't why I'm e-mailing a "Thank You", however, although I do appreciate the excellent service.
The "Thank You!" is for using recyclable packing materials, that is, the shredded paper that you used within the box instead of plastic, or polystyrene. Thank you for caring for the planet! I'm going to refer you to everyone I know, and I'm going to make a point of ordering things from you in the future.
Keep up the good work! 

Thanks for the prompt reply! I just placed my order and I must

also compliment you on your web site. It make the shopping process (a

process that I don't enjoy) very pain free. I hate those sites where

you have to create an account just to order a toothpick. Your site was

very well laid out and easy to navigate. Thanks for the great service. gary

I absolutely love the switchplates.  They are perfect and look great!

All your products have been just great - well made and beautiful.
I look forward to receiving the new switchplates.


Thank you so much for your very informative and

courteous reply. I really appreciate it.

I had failed to notice the link that would allow me to

see all the configurations.

I'm going to place my order.

Thanks again for taking the time not only to reply,

but to reply with extreme courtesy and giving me all

the information I need.

A new, highly impressed customer, who will be sure to

recommend your website,

Kristi W

Just wanted to let you know that our doorbell arrived a few days ago, and we had it installed today. It looks fantastic. I'm going to be buying switch plates and other products very soon. Keep up the great work.
Mercedes S

Thank you so much.  It has been received and was a real success.  Thanks for your handling it.

Thanks much for making this an easy transaction - we have been raving about your website of beautiful hardware and now we can strengthen the recommendation !
Todd F.

Thanks for the gift certificate # , I ordered all my switch plates with money to spare! which shouldn't be hard at all for me to spend.

Thanks again and have a great day,


I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my order.  I ordered 11 various switch plate covers.  Everything was perfect.  I am very happy.  I will be ordering again and I have also told friends and family of your web site.  You have good products at great prices.  Thank you.  Elizabeth I

The switchplates arrived in today's mail right after i sent the email asking about them. They are gorgeous! I love them!
Thank you so much.
Maggie D

Thank you for the email update. I understand about the custom order and will wait for the items; they are perfect. By the way, I received the first part of the order today. I can't tell you how amazing they look in the house.

Thank you,

Michelle T

I can't tell you how pleased I am that I received a note from you today, Sunday.  I have had so many problems in the past 2 weeks with orders being shipped or billed wrong, and poor replies that I was about to give up on internet shopping.  It is good to know people do respond.
Thanks again,
Phil R
(Please check to see what you applied to my card and if I need to get you more money for the difference.  We can get it right when you call.)

I got the “intellectual cats”  and I love it!

Dana S,


Barbara  M   FNP,BSN

Interim Assistant VP Nursing



Thank you!

Pessi H

We got the last outlet (duplex) plate the other day.

Thanks so much for your ongoing communication, patience and consideration.

We'll look forward to doing business with you again.

~Matthew and Wendy H

We recently ordered 78 Pewter toned switchplates from you and we just wanted to email you and tell you that the switchplates matched our existing Satin Nickel switchplates perfectly!  We received the 78 switchplates in just a couple of days after ordering them and we simply couldn't be happier with them.  Thank you very much for your fine service and we'll be sure to tell all of our friends who may be in the market for your products!
Derek & Diana B
Dripping Springs, Texas

Thank you for your nice message and your assistance.

Very nice.

Enjoy your vacation. Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you,


How exciting! Thanks so much

We received the plate and it was perfect.  Thanks for taking care of this for us.

Robert F

First time customers-you guys are on the ball. Had the stuff in a few days. Thanks. Linda B

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and all i can say is "HOLY COW!" These thing are just beautiful. Thank you very very much for your help and your wonderful product. I did have a question though: is there any way to order the same design on a Single Blank plate and/or a Cable TV plate? Those are not options listed on the website, but i thought i would ask.

Thanks again from a very happy customer


(Managers Note:  We were able to take care of his request)

Thank you.  The switchplate has arrived, and it is beautiful. 

Donna V


I received the Baby Face knobs and wanted to tell you that they are a little creepy and totally fantastic—LOVE them!!!

Thank you for offering such unique product!

Susan T

It came in and we are VERY PLEASED with the new doorbell!

Just wanted to let you know how perfect the switchplate covers are that I purchased from you.. perfect colors & look... awesome ...
Thanks very much again!

Hello Donald
I just want to let you know that we received our order on Friday and everything is perfect!  Thanks so much for sticking with this and getting our order out.  We really appreciate it.
CIndy & Brian

I received my order (7974) today and the handles are fabulous. They will definitely add to the beauty of my kitchen. I am looking forward to seeing them installed. Thank you.

Sarah L

Hi Donald…I received the doorbell.  It looks great, as do the house numbers.  Thanks very much for your kind and prompt service.


Thanks!  I appreciate your quick response.


Boy you are quick!
Thanks for letting me know.
Take care and have a great weekend!

You are fantastic! Thanks Bunches!!!
Have a great day!

What a great place to look for great stuff that's hard to find!!!

I got the rest of my order it, love it, love it.....thanks......

Thank You for the clarification, we are very happy with the switchplate

covers that we purchased from you, they match our new stainless steal

appliances and we had a hard time finding the right ones for our

application. We are now thinking about purchasing a decoritive door knocker.

Thanks Again,

Dale E. V

Thank you so much for getting back to me quickly and addressing my inquiry :)

I appreciate the excellent customer service! Dawn

Hi again,

That sounds good. Thank you for spending the time to

look into this, I appreciate it. I will be back b/c I

will be needing more plate covers soon.

Thank you,


Thank you for the quick reply - and the tip!


Great. Thank you very much.

It's a pleasure to deal with someone as efficient as you are. Joyce

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you that these wall plates were received in great condition and the look terrific!! Thanks, and I am happy to have done business with you ... if you have a catalogue or sales or update on new product information please feel free to contact me at any time and again thanks for your prompt response.
Michael R

I received them today; they are fantastic! thanks.

Just wanted to let you know I received my plates Friday - they are absolutely beautiful!  Thanks so much!!! 


i received my order today and everything was perfect!

I received my order #5147 and I couldn't have been more pleased
with the results.  This was a special gift to my daughter.  It was
well worth the wait.  I spent alot of time researching this and
I am so glad I chose Decorative Hardware.  The work is absolutely
beautiful and my daughter was ecstatic.  Thank you. 
Shirley J

Donald, Thank you very much for the photos..I am very excited...There are quite a few I am loving...will continue to look them over and narrow in on a few...I will get back to you by Friday....Looks very good, Thank You...Your products are outstanding.....Pam.....

Thank you for your prompt response.

It came today. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks for your reply.  What a coincidence that you have so many orders to the Big Island.  Some things are hard to find locally, so when we decided to change out all the switchplates I knew the best place to look was on the internet.  You have a great website and I found it very easy to use.  We are looking forward to getting those switchplates installed.


Suzi W

Thanks so much.  You have a very impressive service!  I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Thank you, I also rec'd your voicemail.

I appreciate your follow through.


Patricia B

Executive Vice President

Human Resources

thank you - I really appreciate that. I have 2 friends at work who are

building houses and I'll be sure they have your web address for ordering

switchplates. The copper plates make the kitchen look like a designer

was involved in the renovation. They look fantastic with the avocado

walls and stainless steel appliances. Marianne , Delhi, NY


I did recieve the order for the Manhandles - they look perfect! Thanks for all your help.



You are right! I am confused these days! It was the Morroco 3 rocker plate and I received it the other day. Now I have everything I ordered from you and thank you for your attention to everything. -Gloria V

I received the switchplates today, and just want to tell you how pleased we are with them - they were worth the wait - just beautiful. I can't wait to redo more rooms so I can order more. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the quick response.

They came the afternoon after I emailed you!  They are beautiful!!  Thanks.

Kathy T

I received my order on Friday and I am very pleased.

Thank you,

Karola D

Hi Again,

Thanks for the quick response, we are getting down to the last few days of details and time is short.........Thanks to you all for all thewonderful customer service and great merchandise, it is all looking awesome!

Sincerely, Karen H

We received the conch shell door knocker last Friday and put it up

immediately. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous customer

service and for your patience with a nudgy customer!


Myrna S

Just wanted to let you know that I received both orders yesterday (the knobs and the switchplates) and they are beautiful.
Thanks again

I just received my order. Everything looks great.

Thank You for all your hard work on my orders.  I am not usually quit so savvy as you say :), so this is new for me!!!   Sorry for all the extra work it took on the multiple orders, I can tell your company has excellent customer service. Thanks again, I am looking forward to all my hardware coming in.

Karen Harbin

Donald, Thank you so much for taing care of the delivery probem so


Diane Northup

Thank you very much for the great service!

She was VERY surprised and absolutely loved the gift (and presentation!).  Many thanks for having it arrive in time for her birthday!

now THAT's good service! Thanks!

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